Thinkstein’s DevOps Model – CICD Integration

Thinkstein supports effective deployment models based on the requirements for better deployment of deliverables. 

Continuous Integration (CI) is a standard DevOps practice. The development team integrates a piece of code with the main branch. To ensure high-quality and secured code, CI uses a build designed to automate testing. 

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development practice. The software is built so that the production release is seamless.  CD model involves production-like environments. New builds are continuously delivered and automatically deployed into the test environment. Here, the necessary quality measures are addressed, and the code is approved. The deployment automatically gets into the user environment allowing the reliable delivery of product to users as quickly as possible. Hurray! Its done!  

You can pat yourself for the successful delivery and take pride to notify the users on the new product implementation. 

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