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A dynamic and progressive team complements to a successful work environment. Are you looking for superior talents for your team? make no mistake in skill assessment and hiring process. We are here with you on the entire process of screening until hiring. With your list of competencies, and job descriptions our team of experts will help you find the right fit.

Our structural interview processes

Profile Library

Connect with the opportunity channels – With the well-defined job description, we kick-off the search operation in all effective channels and connect to find a right profile.

Map the competencies – We accelerate the competencies mapping with the profile and dive into an assessment. Profiles that suit to 85% or above are declared as competencies fit.

Initiate communication – We uncover deeper insights about the candidates with meaningly discussion. On a professional tone, we establish deeper communication by asking right questions to find right answers and willingness to proceed with the interview process.

Connect with the right candidate – It is essential to focus more on the personal attributes, personal goals, and characteristics of the candidate to determine the candidate “fit” for a star personality that you are looking for.

Assessment Library

Develop screening plans – With all the recommendation from the preliminary screening, we schedule the multi-part interview to measure the complete potential of the candidate. A review and recommendation meeting can help to conclude the ‘Go’ or ‘No go’ path.

Assess traits and skills – Personal traits including curiosity, creativity, focus, communications, and motivation. Technical traits including domain knowledge, expertise, requirement gathering, tool usage, operations, programming, or coding skill level. Skills focus on understanding what the candidate knows and what they have done that will help us determine how well suited they are to perform the duty.

Feedback Library

With our extensive assessment checklist and feedback from the interview panelists, we are now ready to make recommendations to process the candidate for hire.

Selection Library

At this final position, here we are with the selection list of candidates! Our systematic process ends here. You’ve got your dream resource to build innovative designs, operations, and processes.

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