Quality Assurance Model in Alignment with Agile

Testing Pyramid Model

Types of Testing

Desktop and Mobile Browser Test

Our testing suite gives a wide coverage of browsers across a wide range of platforms. This is an effective way to ensure that the web applications are seamless in the desktop browsers (i.e., Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Consumer Driven Contract Test

We offer you the support to establish Consumer-driven contract testing between the Consumer-Provider pair. This aims that the provider is compliant with consumer’s expectations, the contract is perfect, and avoid unexpected contract break.

API and GraphQL

Architectural design constraints that brings about efficient, reliable, and scalable systems to interact with any other form of resources such us software or hardware.  we adapted and have an immense of exposure with this particular flavored approach to test APIs for both manual and automation.

Security/Vulnerability Test

Our effective testing techniques ensure that the application that you’ve built is complete and doesn’t have any security issues. The testing framework applies automated security checks that identifies the potential security vulnerabilities and other security outbreaks.

Accessibility Test

While you take a step to operate the applications for the visually challenged users, with our test suite, we offer our effective solutions to help you comply with the laws. On the website accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines provide more insights. “Americans with Disabilities Act” and “Rehabilitation Act, section 504 and section 508” are general accessibility laws.

Visual Test

The visual accuracy of an application is ensured by visual testing. The application that is built to operate on web or mobile mode can be more effective only if it is visually accurate along with its functional accuracy. We perform visual inspection to focus on the accuracy, the UI placements, and operational efficiency that helps you deliver end-user valued products.

Agile Stages of QA Process Wheel

The self-organized scrum team is directed toward accomplishment. The cross-functional team have all the competencies that are needed to achieve the goals. The QA process wheel continues runs seamlessly in Agile methodology and operates in a flexible model to accomplish the target and helps the QA team to be productive at the same time. Each process cycle is iterative and grows incrementally by taking feedback and proceed to the “Done” state.

CI/CD (DevOps Pipeline)

Tools/Libraries Support

Open Source Tools/Libraries for Functional

Commercial Tools

Performance Testing Tools

Security/Vulnerability Testing Tools

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